Request parameters

These are parameters that are specified in GET requests and POST requests where Content-type is one of application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data.


The page to return to after the user has finished logging in or creating a new account.


Sets the user's preferred language, using a ISO 639 identifier.


This parameter is used to specify the page that user attempted to login from. If the login fails, this page is redisplayed.


If this is set to true, then an attempt to log in is made.


If this is set to true, logs user out.


If set to true upon login, will save user's cookie so that they are still logged in next time they restart their browser.


Used to implement multiple views/co-branding. For example, if set to print, will search for templates in the View/print directory before using templates in the View/Default directory, and sets the <PKIT_VIEW NAME="print"> tag in the view to true.