pkit_merge_sessions — Merges current session with session associated with login when user first logs in.


      # This is the default merge method, included in Apache::PageKit::Model
      # and called unless you over-ride the method in your Model class
      sub pkit_merge_sessions {
        my ($model, $old_session, $new_session) = @_;
        while(my ($k, $v) = each %$old_session){
          next if $k eq '_session_id';
          $new_session->{$k} = $v unless exists $new_session->{$k};


As of PageKit 1.05, sessions are associated with logins. If a user logs in, PageKit retreives the session associated with that login. This method can be used to specify how the data from the current session is merged with the data from the retreived session.