PKIT_COMPONENT — Include templates and associate model code.


       <PKIT_COMPONENT NAME="html_header">

       <PKIT_COMPONENT NAME="top_10" loop=top_10_cd headline="CD charts" >
       <PKIT_COMPONENT NAME="top_10" loop=top_10_maxi headline="Maxi charts" >

       <PKIT_COMPONENT NAME="newsbox" news='<MODEL_VAR NAME="joke">' >


This has two functions. The first works like Server Side Includes, including another PageKit Template that is in the View directory or is generated from the corresponding XML file using XSLT.

The second is to associate a method from the Model the page. This is used to fill in any MODEL_VAR and MODEL_LOOP tags in the included PageKit Template.

The 2. 3. and 4. example define also some macros. These macros are also available for XSLT with the <xsl:param name="..."> tag. See PKIT_MACRO